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Cruise West
Cruise West
"The Leader in Small-Ship Cruising"
When the West family, owners of Cruise West, began offering unique and personal travel experiences more than 50 years ago in Alaska, a philosophy prevailed that remains true to this day: to provide up-close travel that focuses on the destination - its scenery, wildlife, natural history and culture - all in the company of limited numbers of like-minded travelers.

While magnificent sweeping views are certainly abundant in every one of Cruise West destinations, it's the glory of the details, viewed close up, that provides the most rewarding memories - an eagle in a tree on a tiny rocky islet, or the barnacles visible on a humpback's fin. In many of the remote waterways we visit, small ships are the only way to explore the area.

A casual style on board all of our vessels encourages relaxation and congenial interaction between guests and crew alike. And the experience is personally enriching, through on-board narrative and lectures, special local guests from a wide variety of backgrounds, and the library provided on each vessel.

With Cruise West, you're not just a visitor, you're a participant. Whether kayaking off a wilderness island in Mexico, hiking in a rain forest in Alaska, a nature walk in the jungles of Costa Rica, or enjoying a spectacular Spring garden in British Columbia, this is an engaging experience for all the senses. On many cruises all shore excursions are included, to further encourage your active involvement.
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